Year: 2012

Reading and Life

It is a presumptuous title, I know, but the interrelationship between reading and life is evident. Teenage girls go through a phase, reading “Wuthering Heights”, “The Twilight Saga”, and all things romantic. Pregnant women read “What to expect, when you’re expecting” and the like. Our motivations for reading may be many and diverse, but the […]


The Yard – Alex Grecian

In the aftermath of Scotland Yard’s failure to check Jack the Ripper, new murders and heinous crimes are piling up on the desks of the twelve detectives in the Murder Squad. New-comer Day is given the case regarding the murder of one of their own, stabbed to death and stuffed in a suitcase, and from […]


Reading lists as inspiration

100 Must-read books. 101 classic books.  Word literature reading list. I love them, although they sometimes seem a bit daunting or even intimidating. I mean, who reads “Ulysses” immediately followed my” War & Peace”? And – there are so many books, so little time. I find reading lists inspiring. I especially like motivated reading lists […]