City of Bones – Cassandra Clare

Oh yes…. another young adult novel, which, surprise, is part of a series (The Mortal Instruments). It has all the characteristics of YA novels: teenage protagonist, brooding hunk, life and death situations, supernatural elements, sexual tension, and missing parental influence. There are times when I think, is this, what literature is coming to, but I also find these easy reads alluring. They are the comparable to cookie dough ice cream – wickedly good, but once you’ve had enough – you’ve really had enough.  

City of Bones” is about Clary Fray, who is raised as a mundane, but is beginning to see supernatural entities. Her mother goes missing, and Clary teams up with a group of teenage demon hunters wielding swords and a whip to navigate New York’s underworld of vampires, witches, were-wolves and whatnot.

The novel is fast-paced and entertaining, but not memorable. I enjoyed a story world that integrates the different supernatural species in a convincing way. I am not speeding to the library to borrow the next in the series.

City of Bones” has a detail that I have found in a number of YA novels. Each section of the book begins with a quotation of classic writers, here e.g. John Milton and Vergil (in Latin), perhaps to hint at the writer’s superior literary knowledge. (?)

Despite my somewhat harsh opinions above, I would recommend “City of Bones” to reader of young adult fiction or others, who like me, are suckers for the supernatural.

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