World’s Toughest Cops – Vinnie Jones

You may ask, why I have ”World’s Toughest Cops” in my home library. It was on one of these 2-for-something-sales at the airport, which I came across around 7 A.M. and it sounded action-packed.

“World’s Toughest Cops” is a spin-off from the TV series, where Vinnie Jones, actor and former soccer player, tags along with police officers in various dangerous places around the world. Reading the book, I seriously doubt that Vinnie Jones wrote it, although it is narrated in the first person, despite the numerous comparisons between front-line police work and soccer. I refrain from further comment on that comparison.

The interesting aspect of “World’s Toughest Cops” is the quick glimpse into national police forces of countries that I – at least – seldom hear or read about, for example South Africa, Papua New Guinea, Jamaica, and Kosovo. It is evident, that Vinnie Jones is searching for big action and extreme situations, although “World’s Toughest Cops” also gives emphasis to individual, inspirational police officers.

Characterizing “World’s Toughest Cops” I would say, that is a crowd-pleasing, entertaining, reality-inspired documentary. (What a sub-category!) In other words, I read it as entertainment, without questioning the documentary ethics behind the book.

I should also mention that “World’s Toughest Cops” is not without humor and self-irony. There is a specific photo in the book, where the reader is asked to point out the man with police training that is quite poignant.

Recommending “World’s Toughest Cops” is fairly easy. If you are a fan of Vinnie Jones, fast-paced action, and/or entertainment documentaries, give “World’s Toughest Cops” a go.

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