Reading lists as inspiration

100 Must-read books.

101 classic books.

 Word literature reading list.

I love them, although they sometimes seem a bit daunting or even intimidating. I mean, who reads “Ulysses” immediately followed my” War & Peace”? And – there are so many books, so little time.

I find reading lists inspiring. I especially like motivated reading lists with short synopses and end up adding more titles to my personal, unwritten to-read-list. Another thing is I like checking which books I have already read from the lists, recalling the books, reading experience, and giving myself a figurative pat on the back for achievement.

Nevertheless, you will not find a reading list or my own to-read-list on my blog. I do not follow any list, but read whatever I am in the mood for. That includes reading trashy novels and Great Novels, and matching them into specific points in time in my life.

Reading is not just reading. Every book becomes a part of me and my life. Reading Kierkegaard is related to my paternal grandmother, who always spoke of Kierkegaard as if he was a part of her reading group and not just the subject. Reading Harry Potter relates to taking turns reading aloud with a friend, while we lived as poor, pasta-eating students in Copenhagen. Reading Khaled Hosseini’s “The Kite Runner” relates to sailing in a wooden boat in the Davis Strait to the north of Greenland, moved by book and uneasy waters.

There are books on my reading list that have been there for more than a decade, and there are books I swallow whole without thinking twice. But there is always room for more inspiration: if you could name one book for the top position on The Ultimate Reading List, what would it be?

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