Louise’s Home Library – A Warm Oasis in the Arctic North

library 1

Although I chose the title and the subtitle at the spur of the moment when I created this blog, I feel they encompass the contents and the atmosphere I wish to convey. However, the subtitle is no longer true. My beloved home library and sanctuary is no longer in the Arcitc north. It has been moved south to a temperate climate. A warm oasis in a temperate climate just does not have the right zing as a subtitle. So now I have to get creative.

My home library is my sanctuary of books, a place of escape, learning, entertainment, and contemplation. It is also my cave, a truly safe refuge, where the daily humdrum is stilled for a series of sweet moments. Whether an entire room has been devoted to my books or just a couple of bookcases and shelves here and there and a good reading chair in a nook, that place is home. Even if I am not reading, my home library is a place where I can be quiet or just be. In this respect, it is as much a state of mind as a physical place, perhaps even more so.

In my book reviews and other entries, I emphasize the reading experience. It is almost comparable to a relationship. Fascination from afar or love at first sight, making the book’s acquaintance, and developing a friendship or falling head over heels. Whether closing the book is bittersweet or holds the same sense of victory as a tetanus shot, the book and the experience of reading it stays with me as a memory and becomes a piece of the puzzle of who I am. Louise’s Home Library is where I share reading experiences.

I believe my meandering musings have come to an end, at least for now. Louise’s Home Library – Sharing Reading Experiences.

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