Edinburgh: Literary Lives & Landscapes – David Carroll


Edinburgh: Literary Lives & Landscapes” founds its way into my hands last October, when my son and I visited Edinburgh. There was not too much time for bookstore browsing (a favorite past time of mine) as I was travelling alone with a 15 month old baby, but this book combines several of my interests: “Edinburgh: Literary Lives & Landscapes” is a great souvenir and it leads the reader back through the bygone times of Auld Reekie in the pleasurable company of well-known authors. Souvenir, history, and literature all in one!

Edinburgh: Literary Lives & Landscapes” does not encompass the lives of the authors in their entirety, but focuses on the authors’ relationship to Edinburgh – whether they were born there, lived there, or were influenced by visits to the city. The book also includes the authors’ written opinions about Edinburgh, which are not all enthusiastic. The result is a literary delicacy centered in Edinburgh.

An interesting aspect in my opinion, is the literary milieu that was and even still is in Edinburgh – although I am sure it has changed appearance over time, but much is still the same for struggling wannabe authors, struggling by financially, writing their hearts and souls out, and hoping for publication. Several times as mentioned in”Edinburgh: Literary Lives & Landscapes“, novels were published in periodicals or on subscription.

I recommend “Edinburgh: Literary Lives & Landscapes” to readers, who have visited or plan on visiting Edinburgh. It is a good travel companion.

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