Finding your own North Star – Martha Beck


Fret not, Louise’s Home Library will not turn into a rosy self-help-puffy cloud, but I have read “Finding your own North Star” with the tagline “how to claim the life you were meant to live” twice now and I love it. Strong words, I know.

“Finding your own North Star” is about looking inward, acknowledging the path that complements your essential self, taking the first step and reaching your North Star. It sounds perfectly new-agey, but Martha Beck is wonderfully down to Earth with the rest of us and gives practical guidelines.

The first aspect I would like to comment is the humour of “Finding your own North Star”. Beck’s narrative is downright hysterical most of the time, which really sets this book apart from many other coaching and self-help books. For example:

“If the love of your life turned out – wonder of wonders! – to lov you, too, you could always reject the relationship and head off to live a life of solitary contemplation in a Tibetan cave, but you’d be a damn fool.”

It is pretty hard to stick your nose up or ride a high horse, when you are laughing yourself into a stomach cramp.

Secondly, the exercises and lessons of “Finding your own North Star” are doable, even when your life borders on chaos and you really need some advice. “Finding your own North Star” does not gloss over the hard work that lays between the now and your North Star, but supplies both the compass and a map.

There are no quick fixes or three-positive-affirmations-a-day-and-the-universe-will-grant-you-anything-you-desire-promises in “Finding your own North Star“. You have to make choices and carry through.

My copy of “Finding your own North Star” already has notes in pencil (blasphemy!) and dogears (blasphemy again!), but I think of it as a handbook, which I will read time and time again.

I recommend “Finding your own North Star” to readers who would not ordinarily read self-help or coaching books – and to everyone else who is looking for a new path.

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