Matched – Ally Condie


Perhaps it is a shame that I read and reviewed “The Hunger Games” before reading “Matched”, their starting point is a dystopian society, where free will is a dream and the societal powers are manifest. In “Matched” the world is clean and organized by the officals and individuals are devided into castes regarding living conditions, jobs, and last but not least their partner.

Matched” begins with the teenage Cassia who attends her matching ball where she will learn the identity of her match. Lo and behold, the face on the screen is her best friend. Later, she sees a flash of someone else, again someone she knows, but someone who is not in the matching pool at all. Hello love triangle.

The story plays out smoothly and the pages disappear quickly, but “Matched” does have a major flaw in my opinion. The story ends unresolved and with a cliffhanger. I am sure that from a marketing point of view, this is a sharp move, but I believe that any book, whether or not it is a part of a series, should at least in part enclose a finished story. Otherwise the book is merely a prologue. I therefore recommend getting a hold of all three books and reading them in succession. “Matched” is candy for young adult readers and recommendable as such.

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