Topsy-turvy Life

Life definitely has its twists and turns or as someone once said, life is one damn thing after the other and my life is pretty topsy-turvy at the moment. By ‘at the moment’ I really mean for quite some time, beginning with the choice to have a child alone and my son is now almost two years old. The funny thing is that one choice leads to other choices and before long I find myself in a completely different world than before.

As I write these words, I am in the middle of my three hour commute to work with the sun rising over the fields in lovely pastels and me on the train zooming by. I begun a new job at the art museum Ordrupgaard, which specializes in French impressionism. I am currently living in my childhood home, which embodies comfort and support, but I am looking for a new home closer to work. You would think that a long, long commute would give me oceans of reading time – I thought so, but in reality I spend most of the commute searching on line for possible homes or simply zoning out. Regardless, reading and this blog are my refuge during busy days and major life changes.

Changes can feel like bombs, leaving you shell-shocked and stricken, but what surprises and comforts me is that the development of change I am going through feels good. Sure, there are sleepless nights where panic creeps in, but on the whole I feel pretty calm about quitting my job in Greenland, moving to Denmark, facing unemployment – albeit luckily only shortly, getting a new job, buying a car, and now looking for a new home. I hope your life changes feel the same way.

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