Good night and read well

”Goodnight and read well,” Theodor said to me the other night as he followed Grandma to his room to read and snuggle before bed. The salute was a novelty; I hadn’t heard it before, and it probably springs from three-(and a half)-year-old Theodor’s resistance to sleeping at the moment and his love of reading.

And what is better than reading in bed?

One of my daily luxuries is going to bed fairly early – sometimes just after I’ve tugged Theodor in – and snuggling up with a book and the ever present cup (i.e. mug) of tea. I rejoice in the comfort and warmth while getting a good hour or more of reading done. This is genuine me-time and it both calms me and nurtures me to grow. I make it sound like I’m a plant, and to use this metaphor, reading in bed helps me stay in bloom.

It is no wonder that Business Insider lists reading as the number 1 thing most successful people do before going to sleep, even going as far as to schedule it as a “non-negotiable item” on their calendar. The Business Insider quotes Michael Kerr, an international business speaker, who says:

“Many successful people find value in being browsers of information from a variety of sources, believing it helps fuel greater creativity and passion in their lives.”

Okay, now I don’t expect Theodor to be up to date on tricks of the trade from Business Insider (not yet anyway…) but his goodnight-salute is apt nonetheless, besides the fact that it speaks to my mother-heart. Reading is an excellent way to calm the body and soul before bed and journey into worlds unknown.

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