The Reading Chair

The reading chair has travelled far. When I bought it, I called the town of Nuuk home. Nuuk, the capital of Greenland is nestled in a massive fjord system, surrounded by the oldest cliffs known to man. I bought the reading chair on a trip to Denmark, and so it was necessary to pack it in bubble wrap and thick cardboard, before steadying the reading chair in a seasoned container. With the clang of heavy machinery, that container was loaded onto the red-hulled ship.

I imagine the reading chair’s journey from the habour town of Aalborg in Denmark was begun with a salutary whistle as the ship cleared the quay. Ahead laid a journey across the unruly North Sea, north of the Oakney and Shetland Islands, south of the Faroe Islands. The compass guided it west as the stars and desperation guided Vikings a millennium earlier.

I imagine that moment when the sea gulls sag behind and with a last cry turn and fly back towards their home coasts. I imagine the ruggedness of the frothing waves, making the cushioned reading chair roll with the movements of the ship. The Denmark Strait between Iceland and eastern Greenland is notoriously rough, complicated by the great ice drifting down eastern Greenland and rounding Cape Farewell. What a sight the jagged cliffs most be after journeying seven days over the big blue.

The reading chair arrived safely in Nuuk and has become a precious piece in my home. It has since travelled back to Denmark and it was the first piece of furniture to find its place in my present home. The reading chair now stand in Theodor’s room, ready for sharing stories and reading books.

It is an amazing reading accessory, wide enough to seat two and bearing a host of portraits that each have a story of their own, however, I love the reading chair’s story best.

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