Chocolate and Books

If you look at Instagram and Pinterest, you’ll find hundreds of photos containing an open book and something hot in a mug. My preference is tea, but the ultimate silent companion for reading is chocolate.

To me, chocolate and a good book inspire the same sense of luxury and self-indulgence. I’ve even compared books to chocolate in earlier reviews, because there is a profound difference between the bitter darkness of 70 % chocolate that gives room for afterthought and Swiss hazelnut milk chocolate that more or less evaporates in your mouth. And like books, there is a chocolate for every season, occasion, and mood.

Saturday, my son, a friend of mine, and I went to the annual chocolate festival in Copenhagen. The event is hosted by Chokoladeselskabet – The Chocolate Society and there were all kinds of inspiring chocolates. I tasted a gourmet chocolate with a white chocolate shell, Jerusalem artichokes and chocolate ganache with a pea sprout on top! I tasted white chocolate almonds with mango and lemongrass. There were chocolates for everyone’s tastes and preferences.

Here’s to chocolate and books! I’ll toast in a chocolate filled with passion fruit mousse. Salute!

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