Daring to do

It is easy to be daring when reading. You can easily be a secret agent, a seductress, an idealist – whatever your heart desires.

It is more difficult in real life. Follow you dreams and carpe diem and all that, but which dream are you to pursue and which day?

It becomes so easy to lull through your everyday life with its routines and sensible reasoning. Without my job, there would not be a roof over our heads. Without groceries, no dinner. Without endless loads of laundry, no clothes and no respectable looking mom and kid.

Temporary lulls are excellent for catching your breath and planning your next move. However, don’t let you lull turn into a slumber. You’ll end up behind thorny hedges awaiting a shining knight with a miraculous kiss.

Knights like that exist, but they are few and far between – and the waiting time is worse than at the dentist’s office. Being the knight yourself is much more fulfilling.

Be not a damsel in distress, whether inspired by fairy tales or contemporary novels. Be a protagonist! Even when making mistakes, we are on our way somewhere. Take one step today in whatever direction you fancy. Write your own story. Dare not only to be, who you want to be, but to do what you most desire.

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