Reading aloud

A friend of mine reminded me of the joy of reading together. I don’t mean discussing a book in a book club, but reading aloud to one another. Lenette and I (Sorry Lenette, for breaking your anonymity) were young students in Copenhagen together, living in tiny loft rooms with shared kitchens and baths. We couldn’t afford to buy books, but were big customers at the public library – and we read for each other in the evenings, on vacations, and everywhere else. We read many different genres and authors; most vivid in my memory the entire Harry Potter series.

Parents read aloud for their children, but at a certain age, we seem to forget the joy and shared reading experience of reading together. Sometimes, you’ll hear an excerpt read at a book signing or other event, but reading chapter after chapter together is a rarity.

Lenette and I didn’t always discuss the book in detail; it wasn’t a two-woman book club. However, we had these wonderful jokes about Dobby (the house elf from Harry Potter) and a lot of other characters and issues we covered in the books we read.

We spent many lovely evenings reading to each other – and I miss it! Therefore, I hope to inspire others to read aloud together. It is a wonderful way of sharing reading experiences.

There is something magical about reading aloud, and hearing the melody of the story instead of just seeing black letters on white paper. I have to admit, I read aloud to myself. Especially lyrical writings are exquisite to hear.

That said I have never been one for audiobooks. I know many, who love them, listening to them in the car and throughout the day, but I find that I can’t concentrate, when trying to “read” and drive. I lose focus on the story. I prefer to have the book in front of me or sit calmly listening to the story.

What are your experiences with reading aloud? Please, share your personal experiences in the comment section below.


  1. Noirfifre

    The habits of silent reading from a child sort of ingrained in me reading loud but in my head. I have never been to a physical bookclub so I do not have that experience. However, I do read some poetry aloud. I too could never complete an audiobook. I tried it several times only to fail miserably. There is something about seeing the words in front me that is comforting.

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