Lick – Kylie Scott

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… or so the saying goes, but for 21-year-old Evelyn an over-the-top birthday bash has some over-the-top legal and romantic consequences. She wakes up in the bathroom of a hotel room with a diamond on her finger, no memory of the night before, and a less than happy tattooed stud cum husband cum rock star at her side.

“Lick” draws on the fantasy that pretty much every girl and woman from her teens and up has daydreamed about and the novel does it cheek fanning well. I won’t spoil the twists and turns here, but merely say that “Lick” hits the balance between story, chemistry, romance, and a dash of erotica. I should also mention, that “Lick” is part of the Stage Dive series consisting of four, stand-alone books. I have them on stand-by.

During 2014, romances were one of the main genres that I have read. As with any other genre, there are books I haven’t been able to put down, books that didn’t strike a chord with me, and books that were run of the mill. Now, dear blog reader, you won’t find many reviews or shared reading experiences with romances on this blog, because I am one of those readers, who has a faint prejudice against the entire genre – as illogical as that sounds.

However, “Lick” deserves a shout out.

In addition, if the book isn’t enough, you can complete your reading experience with Kylie Scott’s playlist from her homepage.


    1. amkaer

      I haven’t read the Hangover series, but in Lick, the scene with the wake-up in the bath room is just the starting point. The story springs from that scene.

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