I am a book hoarder

I have at least a thousand books and I love every single one of them. “Love” may sound a bit much, but it isn’t in my opinion. My books provide a constant comfort and they keep me calm. I can’t imagine my home without books and I can’t imagine not reading at least one book at a time. My nightstand is always littered with books I am reading, about to read, or simply contemplating reading.

My home library has expanded since my teens. Every time I have moved, new bookcases and shelving is a must. I admit I find it very difficult to discard books. Let this be the place, where I stand up and acknowledge that I am a book hoarder. Hi, my name is Louise, and I am a book hoarder.

There are plenty of opportunities to forwarding books to other readers, but I keep 99 % – even the books that I found disappointing. You can sell your books online or at a flea market. You can give them away or donate them to a noble cause. You can leave them at a hotel or use them at a book swop.

I on the other hand simply cannot bring myself to part ways with my books. They’re mine – to have and to hold …. and read.


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