Dog ear

Oh no you don’t! Not in my books!

That pretty much sums up my stance on dog ears. Why would you crease a page with words on it?! I ask incredulously.

I keep my place in books with a bookmark, carefully chosen for the specific book. If I find an interesting passage, I copy it down in a journal, letting the words flow through my pen.

However, I know there are readers that dog ear pages. I caroused the web and found readers, who are very exact with their dog ears. Top corners for finding their place in the book, bottom corners for interesting passages. Some turn a corner of a miscellaneous length; others fold the corner to the precise line of interest.

Others still make dog ears into art, by folding corners to make the folds resemble a heart or, as I recent saw, the entire state of Kentucky. I can see the art in some of the dog-earing, but then you’ve discarded the book – you’re not going to read it again.

What is your opinion on dog-earing? Am I a complete book snob?

Oh yes, I have a few fun facts about dog ears as well. Dog ears are named so because they fold, opposed to wolf ears that are erect. In Danish, a dog ear is call a donkey ear (æseløre). Apparently, our bookish ears are more floppy than the English version.


  1. Jann @

    I love your take on dog-earing (and its origins). There was a time in my life when I considered it an utter disregard for a worthy object and like you, chose my bookmark carefully to suit the book cover. That was reserved for hardbacks, however. As I began choosing to read paperbacks, for their ease, I began dog-earing with abandon, almost as a badge of honor for reading it. Now I mostly read books on my iPad. Interestingly, you can’t graphically “dog-ear” a page in Kindle or iBooks; instead your graphic marker is a good old-fashioned bookmark.

    Thanks for getting me to think fondly of the books I’ve marked and dog-eared over time . . .

    1. amkaer

      Thanks for sharing! Dog-earing with abandon…. gees – I can’t even imagine doing that, but I definitely see the ease of dog-earing. Nimble fingers are always at hand! Thanks for the comment.

  2. The Secret Kingdom

    Guilty as charged: I’m a dog-earer. Perhaps it’s my way of connecting with my most beloved books. Some of the paperbacks from my youth have been loved to pieces… but they will always be beautiful to me 🙂

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