This book sweeps me off my feet

There are certain situations where falling is a good thing: falling in love, falling into place, and being swept off your feet – all very apropos the bookmark pictured above.

My love for reading began to bloom in earnest in Kingwood, TX in the late 80s. I was a blond, plump girl, who wore white knee-high stockings to school. I woke up with a book and went to sleep to a book to such a degree that I can keep my place in a book with a finger all through the night – quite expertly I might add. It was those formative years in a young girl’s life, when she learns to read and realizes that the entire world is full of books, just waiting to be read.

I expect that coloring a bookmark was a reading assignment in the crafty end, but it was here I learned how to use a bookmark, never to dog-ear a book, and how to carry a book, holding the spine of the book against the palm of my hand. Thinking back, reading and books gave me pride. I vividly remember learning the card catalogue in the long, wooden drawers in the school library, the well-used thickness of the paper and the sound of flicking through the cards.

Books were, and still are, magical, so a witchy broom was very appropriate. Every book, every story is a world unto itself. Now, 30 years later, I still feel the same way. I fell in love, fell into place, and was swept off my feet.

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