A real life, delivered-by-a-postman letter

I recently received a letter. Not a text, nor an email, but a real life, delivered-by-a-postman letter. Letters mean something different that emails. They are special. There is something about writing a letter by hand or on the computer and printing it out. When the words exist in print, they somehow have more weight. The words matter.

The letter isn’t just sent out by a single mouse click, but carefully placed in an envelope. The writer can’t just begin to write the name in the address line and expect the computer to guess the rest. The writer has to find the address, write it, and then….

Stamps. They cost and you have to find a post office or shop that sells them. When I write, I have succumbed to mobile stamps. With the address and stamp taken care of, the writer has to send the letter – in a mailbox. I am sure that many find letter writing and –sending archaic, and I will be the first to admit that I don’t send many letters, but I should.

I take my time reading a letter, while I plow through an email, missing points or finesses. Reading and writing letters is almost a lesson in mindfulness. The reader notes the stationary, the handwriting, and the style of the letter, much more so than with an email.

I miss letters and would like to endorse letter writing. So if you would like a letter, let me know in the comment section below, or by writing me at louisesmobil2012@gmail.com or Louise Amkaer, Moelledammen 3F, 2980 Kokkedal, Denmark.

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