Month: June 2015

Lemony Snicket a.k.a. Daniel Handler

He personifies a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma and does so with excellence. Lemony Snicket is the narrator of the international bestseller “A Series of Unfortunate Events”. His associate, Daniel Handler, has enlightened us a great deal about Lemony Snicket, in particular due to the unauthorized autobiography but I get the feeling that Lemony Snicket is a sly fellow, who only devolves information in his own interest. Therefore, I question the veracity of what is known about Lemony Snicket. Truth be told, Lemony Snicket’s biography reads likes extraordinary fiction, which is very much in contrast to the ordinariness of the biography of Daniel Handler (1970). However, Daniel Handler has authored a number of adult and children books and apparently, he plays the accordion. Furthermore, in February 2015, he published a novel “We are pirates” that sounds positively intriguing.

All is fair in love and war – and storytelling

The last couple of weeks have been intense with my participation in parliamentary elections in the town of Elsinore, but despite that – or probably due to that – my son and I have had some wonderful storytelling moments. Do you know the story of the leprechaun who walked through the woods to visit his grandma, only to find a wolf in her stead? Or the story of the monkey babies that drive an assortment of fire trucks everywhere they go? It is a great joy to hear his now-four-year-old imagination at play and follow the amazing stories from a spark of well-known inspiration to magnificent new adventures. I am reminded of the great Greek eposes or the new testaments told aloud generation through generation before eventually being committed to paper. There is magic in storytelling, hearing the words spoken or really acted out by the storyteller. Even though there was an expectancy that Odysseus would return home to his Penelope, but twists and turns of his journey were most likely varied, dependent on the …