Omnivorous Readers Anonymous

Hello, my name is Louise and I am an Omnivorous Reader.

Often when I share my interest in books and reading, I am met with the question: “What do you read?” I am always at a loss as to an answer. What can I say? I read what I find interesting no matter the genre, nationality of the author, date of release, or popularity. I am an Omnivorous Reader. I read whatever I am in the mood to read.

That fact usually ends the conversation.

As if you are supposed to limit your reading experiences. I only read books, starting with the letter M or books by Welsh authors and published in 1963, or books in the top 3 of New York Times bestseller list. Sure, you can have favorite genre that you return to or read for comfort, and you can have books, authors, or genres that you haven’t found a taste for, but limiting the books you read, is the equivalent of only eating carrots. A carrot or two is fine, but all carrots, all the time is dull.

What’s your opinion? Please, share your comments below.


  1. mono

    Just want to thank you for this blog. Love reading it. Reassuringly never the same, always interesting. Consequently the answer must be – I love reading Louise´s Home Library! 😉 Enjoy the summer.

  2. bookarino

    I have the same problem, but unfortunately I don’t have the perfect answer. With both books (and music) I tend to have phases, which may last from one day to several months, but it still doesn’t change the fact that I, too, read quite omnivorously. So if faced with the question, I usually tend to dodge it by talking about the latest book(s) that I’m reading.

    1. amkaer

      That way you always have an answer handy. 😀 but in my experience people generalize in response. “Oh, you like crime fiction?!” And I figuratively see myself in the egg tray of people that read crime fiction. Louise

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