When people say impossible, they usually mean improbable.

Reader In A Reverie was finding quotations as a part of a challenge and found the one above from the Grisha trilogy.

Reading it, I thought it was so true. It really doesn’t matter whether the subject matter is writing, losing weight, learning Mandarin, or climbing Mount Everest; you are bound to hear the statement “Impossible!” from yourself and/or others.

The usage of “impossible” covers a whole range of improbability from impossible, not in this lifetime to you can’t do it and don’t you dare.

It is important to differentiate the statement of impossible no matter the size of the issue at hand: going for a walk on Mars, starting a business, learning to drive, or reading one book at a time.

Reading and/or writing is one of the places, we can explore the impossible or improbable. We can discover new territories, fight zombies, break boundaries, visit the Aztec empire, and fall in love with a rock star.

As much as I love both reading and writing, it is equally important not to lose ourselves in the worlds beyond the pages. We have to return to our daily lives with newly surfaced knowledge and courage to challenge the impossible in our outward lives. We have to take on the insurmountable task of conquering not only the statement “impossible” but also the multitude of challenges on the path to our goals.

Substituting impossible with improbable is perhaps the first step on the way – the step that allows us to formulate our dreams and desires and see them not as reveries but as attainable goals.


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