Thoughts on creativity on a Sunday afternoon

I am taking a moment for myself, sitting with my computer at the dining room table. The washing machine is purring in the background and my four-year-old son and his many, many toys are all over the floor, but I don’t care. My father is trailing behind my son and their discussions of hoisting stuff with a toy crane and playing cops and robbers Lego-style fills the family room. Add coffee and….

Yes, this is a blissful Sunday. Luckily, it’s raining outside, so any thoughts of what I should be doing in the garden are superfluous. Instead, I sit here in the single mother’s version of alone and get to write.

The ding, ding, ding of the washing machine, but then I get to write. J

I’ve been thinking a lot about creativity as of late. Creativity can take so many forms, but in my opinion, it has telltale signs: a flutter inside, followed by an inner peace and a sense of rejuvenation. The sensations of creativity are addictive, and yet the discipline to sit down and get creative is an uphill struggle. Now, winning over your inner demons and lazy bones is not impossible, and I find that you can ease yourself into creativity.

Creativity isn’t just sitting down and being creative, it is a mindset – an approach to every day and everything you meet during every day.

Creativity as a mindset requires a positive attitude and openness to transformation. Nothing is so set in stone that it cannot be altered. No person, relationship, circumstance, economic situation, nor dinner plan, fashion advice, or emotional slump is finite. Everything is fluid. Cue Heraclitus:

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”

We all exist in this fluidity that some people view as chaos. Change or transformation is a given. I prefer transformation as it holds a positive note, while change can be for the better or worse. Creativity is a way of participating in the ongoing transformation. We each have an important role, being creative.

I find that a creative mindset empowers me. Being creative entails acting, being the subject in a sentence instead of an indirect object. I let go of any rigidity I try to achieve through control and embrace fluidity. Creative solutions slip in to every facet of my life. I improvise. I set new courses. I acknowledge my moments of creativity – just like right now.

The effect is an inherent sense of opportunity. I can be creative. I am creative. I choose to see the uphill struggle to discipline as floating with the current down the river.

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  1. Moose and Michelle

    That difference between transformation and mere change is an interesting one and I have to say I agree. I also enjoy the world “evolving” because it implies that transformation is constant. There is no specific end product in sight, just continuous flow of change toward something more and more successful.

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