Six – Lissa Jay

Chloe works under the alias Nina as an exotic dancer in the aptly name bar The Fox Hub. She meets a member of her audience, Six, who is the VP of Company of Sinners MCs. Desire and love ensue in that order and of course a couple of obstacles for their relationship.

The plot is okay believable. The MC-gang related community is a great back drop for the novel, but “Six” is by all means and purposes a quickie. The story is hot and read in the course of an evening.

But what is it that make us want to read about Chloe, the exotic dancer and Six, the criminal and biker? What is the allure of fantasies?

A fantasy doesn’t necessarily have to be connected with our daily lives in any way. The subject matter can be the furthest from ourselves and yet, we can be entertained or appalled by it in relative safety i.e. without earning a living as an exotic dancer or getting involved in a tuff war between rival MC gangs. The fantasy principle is the same with a novel about extreme diving, space travel, or the entire fantasy genre in fiction.

As a wannabe writer, I try to read stories from a writer’s perspective as well, and there were a couple of things in “Six” that jumped out at me. First of all, “Six” is narrated from both Chloe’s and Six’s points of view in alternate chapters. This get easily get chaotic, especially in a quick read, but I found that Lissa Jay manages to focus on each of the main characters’ independent voices, so that the narrative gimmick works.


Lissa Jay also gives each of the main characters a back story that we hear a little about. Chloe’s back story actually springs to the foreground towards the end. This helps to round the characters and the back stories are varied and specific. I think that is quite a feat in so short a novel.

Finally, “Six” doesn’t have a lull somewhere in the middle, which is a fault that many books – in all genres – have. The story line is paced from beginning to end.

“Six” was made available by the publisher via NetGalley.


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