Joyce Carol Oates

She was born in 1938 and she is the author of more than 50 novels and numerous short stories, essays, and whatnot.

joyce carol oates

Joyce Carol Oates is astonishing. Award-winning, but that goes without saying, but something I find interesting is, that she has a distance from her work, saying that she has thrown entire novels out “cheerfully”. “Find interesting” is an understatement; my jaw dropped!

Here I am at age 36, beaming because I’ve written 50.000 words, one after the other, but not so that the words are anything together – yet, and Joyce Carol Oates writes novels day in and day out and even writes some that she chooses not to publish. Amazing! Need I mention, that Joyce Carol Oates was 26 years old, when she published her first novel?

In my own quiet mind, I find that Joyce Carol Oates is a literary unicorn. She is so close to a mythical being, and yet I know she exists. (I’ll save the unicorn existence to a later date, but one word: narwhal.)

I tip my hat to you, Joyce Carol Oates, and hope that you continue to write (and publish) for many years to come.

Photo from (Getty Images).


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