Christmas – a booklover’s holiday

Merry Christmas! What is Christmas if not a booklover’s holiday?

First of all, December marks the season where you’re supposed to huddle up indoors with a cup of your favorite hot beverage in hand and books in your lap. It’s dark outside, cold, and possibly wet; but inside there are lighted candles, glittery decorations and of course enough sweets, cookies, and savory dishes to make the fitness and diet industries chuckle. And books! All the books you have been waiting to read, which brings me to my second argument:

Days off! It is a holiday, where you have some days off and if you are lucky – like me – you have a few extra days in between so that you get two whole weeks off work. Sure, there’s your family to spend Christmas with, including your ever awkward cousin Dennis, but you can’t possibly be expected to spend every waking moment with them, so there is plenty of time to disappear into your favorite nook or cranny for a bit of reading.

Thirdly, did you notice the presents underneath the tree? Especially the nice rectangular ones that are so easy to giftwrap? You guessed it! – They’re books! The more, the merrier. I literally begin to sing the “Hi-Ho” as Snow White’s seven dwarves on their way to work in the jewel mines. Yes, that is the feeling. I love the prospect of receiving books for Christmas. Even if you’re unlucky and get that book about making scented votive candles, you can easily return it and find a book you’ll love.

To all of you booklovers out there: Merry Christmas! May you find many rectangular gifts under the tree. Wink, wink.


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