Sabin – A. M. Hargrove

Romance and aliens. Yeah, I wasn’t sold immediately either, but bear with me, within the first chapter, you’ll be hooked by A. M. Hargrove’s “Sabin”.

Selena grew up as a live-in maid at her elderly parents’ house, dreaming of life as the little mermaid. She studies marine biology and we are first introduced to her as she dives into the depths of the Caribbean Sea.

Sabin, on the other hand, is otherworldly and on Earth as the leader of the Seven, an elite group of fighters who want to keep the universe, and in particular a necklace called Judgment Day, safe.

“Sabin” holds every promise of a romantic story. The chemistry is electric between the two, but I wouldn’t call “Sabin” merely a quickie. There is more depth to A. M. Hargrove’s story and characters, making “Sabin” much more enjoyable. That said, I still read in the course of a night.

The alien aspect is strangely enough realistically incorporated in the story; it doesn’t seem alien (pun intended), it is just different enough to be otherworldly. A. M. Hargrove has considered many of the practicalities, which rounds the plotline, for example the food dispenser, which is hilarious.

This is the first book of a series, and I’m hooked! I definitely looking forward to the next book. A. M. Hargrove keeps her website up to date, check it out.

ARC provided via NetGalley.


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