Hanover House – Brenda Novak

Merely calling ”Hanover House” a prequel, doesn’t do it justice; it is a CLIFFHANGER! (note the capitalization). The added cruelty is that “Her Darkest Nightmare” (The first book in the Hanover House Chronicles) is set for publication in September 2016 – that is an eternity in reader-years!

Get ready, readers, to be excited by the fast-paced, action-packed thriller, that will leave chills down your back. Brenda Novak keeps the suspense high even though, we also follow the point-of-view of Jasper, a psychopath with a horrific plan for Evelyn.

Evelyn was Jasper’s high school sweetheart and the one that got away – when he kidnapped and tortured three other girls. Evelyn is still marked by the trauma, but has chosen a career as a psychiatrist to understand what makes a psychopath. She is embarking on a new endeavor, founding Hanover House in a small town in Alaska. Hanover House will house 200 the most malicious mankind has to offer and not everyone is happy about it.

One of those is the local trooper Amarok, who despite his own apprehension must see to law and order in the community.

Brenda Novak’s inspiration is clear in her literary approach to psychopaths. She doesn’t treat Jasper and the others, we encounter as “psychos”, but as people with a different conscience (or none at all) and a different rationale than the rest of us. In the introduction, Brenda writes:

“I want to know why they [psychopaths] exist, why they do what they do and if they can ever be treated and reformed.”

I can’t wait to read “Her Darkest Nightmare”.

ARC provided via NetGalley.


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