Books v. e-books

Do you know the Hot Dudes Reading account on Instagram? It posts candid photos of hot guys in various public places, reading. As a legal professional, I do have some difficulties with photos posted without explicit consent, but those concerns aside, the Hot Dudes Reading account is a happy note, every time I thumb my way through the photos.

I’m not desperately seeking at the moment, merely on the lookout for Mr. Right, but the tantalizing part of the photos isn’t the multitude of different guys, but the fact that they are reading books – not Kindle or e-books, but books. It’s reading books that is hot! And the books themselves!

I know there are people out there that salivate over computers and reading devices, but I’m not one of them. The available titles may be the same, and in some cases e-books are surpassing real life books, but it still isn’t the same. You can’t really curl up with an e-book reader in the same way. You can’t flip through an e-book and feel the weight of the story in your hands.

However, I, and I actually swore to myself, that I would never become an e-book reader, I have seen the silver lining of e-books. All that is due to NetGalley. If you love to read and discover new authors, genres, or the like, and you share your reviews, I highly recommend NetGalley, which serves as a connection point between publishers and readers. I love it!

I’ve only just begun and I’m still getting used to the feedback form on NetGalley, but I’ve come to understand the attraction of e-books. You can literally have any title in your hand, whenever you want. No pesky waiting for the next book in a series to arrive by mail or waiting in the cold for the bookstore to open. And you don’t need to prop the book open with your hand. I find myself sneaking a read – just a page – more than others check their phone, even when I cooked Christmas dinner.

Just to leave you with a cute guy reading, the photo above, is my son, Theodor, age 4.


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