Miles Away – Addison Kline

Miles Capadonno was sentenced to 17 years in prison for a murder, he didn’t commit. However, Miles spent the time getting smarter and stronger, and now as the end of his term, he is ready to get his revenge against the mastermind behind it all – his father.

Miles is a part of the Capadonno crime family with their home base in Carrion, New Jersey. I find that the characters – especially the Capadonnos, who carry “Miles Away”. The family dynamics are exquisite and while the family reads mob all the way, the characters are developed individually. I love the pater familias, who is now bedridden and at death’s door due to cancer, but still the ruthless king and domineering mastermind. Miles’ siblings are equally well defined.

Miles as a character is very bound to the music of Springsteen, and it is evident that Addison Kline took inspiration from a lot of mood-defining music throughout the story. There is plenty of Springsteen, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Bat for Lashes, Smashing Pumpkins to guide the reader through the scenes – the playlist in the back of the book was a given.

“Miles Away” is the kind of book, you gulp – at least I did with relish. That said, I did end up thinking there was a plot lapse at the very end. The schemers out-scheme the other schemers, or perhaps it’s the other way around, but it seems incredible to me, that Miles communicates with someone, while he is in jail, and yet he doesn’t ask about new of his girlfriend, who he pines for – for 17 years. Now, while noteworthy, this detail actually didn’t distract me from enjoying “Miles Away”.

“Miles Away” is book one of the Carrion Series, and Addison Kline has definitely whetted my appetite for the Capadonno family.

P.S. The cover photo is riveting; don’t you think?


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