Binge reading

Binge reading, yes, there is such a thing and I’ve landed – splat! –  right in the middle of the puddle.

Perhaps, I’ve exchanged one binge-worthy addiction with another as a consequence of my new year’s resolution. Reading is presumably healthier than copious amounts of chocolate, but as self-indulgent luxury binge-anything isn’t the brightest idea.

In the hypothesis, binge reading sounds like the ultimate goal for an avid reader. The mere thought of gulping down book after book after book makes me feel all tingly, but the reality of binge reading is quite another.

I’m not talking about that book which engrosses you to the degree where you mourn its loss as you turn the last page. I’m talking about reading books so hastily and without any true commitment that you can’t remember the plot, let alone the names of the main characters, once you’ve read the last page. And even then, you merely shrug it off, and grab the next book.

That is the puddle, I talking about.

There are situations where binge reading is a good idea, exactly like there are times when chocolate should be served by box and not piece by piece: binge reading during a snow storm or under the parasol, by the pool just to name a few.

But how do you stop? Binge readers, hear my call!! I’ve tried to read a weighty book with subplots and supporting characters, and when I’ve read a couple of pages, my eyes dart here and there, impatiently, and my concentration is definitely shot. I pick up my binge reading material of choice and forget that I even own an alarm clock, let alone that it is set to 05:30 AM.

What to do?

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