Words, words, words

I often emphasize a book’s story as the primary feature of a given book. The story is the initial joy in a reading experience, especially when it draws the reader in and along for the ride. However, in deconstructing a book, it all comes down to words. A story is in essence one word after the other.
In some stories, the words are simply the medium of communication, but in other stories, the words themselves are an art form. These stories beg to be read slowly with minute concentration or even read aloud.
Many books that achieve that lyrical quality are written in bygone times, before the speedy writing on computer keyboards, before autocorrect, and without the competition of TV and the internet. The old-fashioned words and their voluptuousness are part of these books’ charm. The term ”slower times” is on my lips, and perhaps there is a modicum of truth to that term. There was no constant word count to strive for and perhaps more emphasis on finding that specific word with all the prerequisite nuances and meanings.
Yes, I think that is it. The English language includes multitudes of words with only slight differences, allowing for detailed narration. However, in our daily lives, we only use a small sample of the words. We forget that plethora of colors the different words hold.
In some books, the story and the words merge to become a greater whole – and in those instances, a book is truly a wonderful reading experience.
Do you have an example of a book, where story and words unite? Please share below in the comments section.

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