Year: 2017

Top 5 books for a creative walkabout

Whenever I hit an obstacle, my first inclination is to read all about it. Rationally, I want to read and learn in order to do better. (The “do better” part is the most difficult by far.) So yes, I’ve heap upon heap of books. Here, I list 5 books I love and keep returning to in my creative walkabout. These books inspire me, help me keep my humor and optimism intact, and provide expert advice. 1: The Joy Diet – Martha Beck Martha Beck is a genius! Whether you are in an emotional slump or just looking for a pep talk, Martha is for you. My volume of the Joy Diet is dog-eared, flagged, underlined, and scribbled in. In 10 menu items she describes the steps to a happier life. During my creative walkabout, the Joy Diet has once again become a fixture on my bedside table. I’ll leave you with a bit of Martha-wisdom: “Every time you voice your thoughts to a loved one, or cook a meal, or choose a new bar of …


The traditional walkabout is a rite of passage to manhood for indigenous Australians, where a boy would walk into the wild for a period. It is a spiritual journey of self-discovery and faith, taken in solitude in the harsh but magnificent environment of the Outback.