The Artist’s Way

I’ve always known that I loved to write. From the moment, I could spell a few words, I wrote and drew stories. I loved it – and I still do. Writing makes my heart sing. I have recently worked with Julia Cameron and The Artist’s Way, which – if you don’t already know it – is a 12-week course in living with a greater sense of creativity. There is a short chapter to each week with a given focus and a number of exercises. Some of them, I have loved like delicate poetry and others, I slung cusswords at like a drunken sailor. However, I have learned a little something – or remembered a little something from each of them. The Artist’s Way is exhilarating in a way which defies description. It is like meeting the love of your life for the second time – you know, after you let him slip away the first time. The Artist’s Way is by no means an easy path. I have laughed, cried, and raged on my path so far, but the love of my life – creativity – is here in my life now.

Creativity for me is writing. Yes, I have been writing a little and I’m getting new sparkling ideas and thinking up new stories. Creativity is reading as well. I have spent a couple of years reading easy romances and mysteries, which are the literary equivalent of milk chocolate that evaporates from the bowl before you even notice it. I’ve read a lot of wonderful and quirky stories, but I am about ready to read stories that require more of me, that make me ponder the characters or themes or life in general.

Creativity is more than reading and writing; it is about seeing the opportunities around you and noticing what makes your heart flutter. I’ve ended up in some pretty ridiculous situations in the past weeks. I cried in front of my colleagues when the atmosphere at work made my bones shudder. I’ve jumped in puddles and had pancakes for dinner. I’ve planted spring blossoms and walked for miles, all the while I’ve felt closer to the Louise I want to be. The Louise I know is hiding within.

I think Louise’s Home Library may change a little – again, as I have changed. I hope you will join me on this path.

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