Curiosity is your first star (creative walkabout)

From my first post regarding my creative walkabout, it may sound like the storm calmed the moment I became curious in throwing clay. Sorry, weathering the storm isn’t that easy.
My clay-throwing was the first spark of curious creativity and it lasted the very first class and the drive home. When I woke the next morning, I was tattered and frayed in the storm once again. Hello Despair, old friend! This was the classic, pessimistic case of one step forward and two steps back. My inner neon billboard screamed FAILURE!
However, that inner billboard doesn’t know anything. One step forward and two steps back is a change from whirling around in a tornado. It is progress. I know, you only saw a flicker of light, happiness, achievement, and joy, but trust it, you just saw a star that you can use to navigate the storm.
Celebrate the moment! Cherish it. Remember whatever it is that sparked your curiosity.
Curiosity is a curious term. No pun intended, even my trusted friend, Merriam-Webster says so.
Curiosity: desire to know:
a: inquisitive interest in others’ concerns: nosiness.
b: interest leading to inquiry: intellectual curiosity.
We all know, that Curious George was a cheeky, little monkey, who always caused some kind of trouble and of course, curiosity killed the cat. Curiosity and its synonym, nosiness, is often a negative attribute, like the nosy neighbor, always lurking to see what’s happening. Forget this definition of curiosity.
Curiosity is a spark of interest, leading to inquiry, change, innovation, and development. Curiosity is letting go of the “why” and playing around with “what if”.
I purposefully use the term “playing around”. Curiosity requires a playfulness. This is the reason, we can’t plan or logically think ourselves out of the storm. You need a little playfulness; you need to listen to your inner child.
You were really smart as a kid. You knew what you loved to do. Maybe it was sports, something creative, board games, algebra, catching frogs, please continue in your own words. And if your parents asked you to do anything else, like take out the trash or do your homework, you were very vocal about pausing what you loved to do.
Finish this sentence, just for fun. As a kid, I loved to ________________________________________ .
Now do it! I mean it. Leave Inertia and Passivity and do it. It doesn’t matter how silly or childish, your pursuit is. If you loved to play in the sandbox, go to beach and build a sandcastle or buy some kinetic sand and play around with it.
This is your first star.

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