The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying – Marie Kondo

Quite the nifty and humble title, isn’t it? The Japanese expert declutterer and professional cleaner spills the beans on her KonMari Method of tidying. There is a red banner down the cover, saying: a simple, effective way to banish clutter forever. Even with my cautious optimism, I thought, not likely. But I must say, I am now convinced and have recommended the KonMari Method to others.
The starting premise for Marie Kondo is a blank space and this is monumental. Discard first, she says, and then choose what to have in your home by a simple question:
Does it spark joy?

She has a lot of other pointer in her easily read book, like tidy by category and not by location, tidy alone with “advisors”, and start with the easiest categories such as clothes and leave sentimental items and heirlooms for later.
I read “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying” during my creative walkabout, where everything – my home, my life, my thoughts – was cluttered, and there is a certain magic about tidying. It has a meditative feel when you make it occasion instead of something you should do before the in-laws arrive for dinner. And I see now, why it is paramount that others do not interfere. You must shrug off some social prejudices that you inadvertently follow like: It’s too nice to throw out. So and so gave it to me. If I lose five pounds… I don’t like this, but so and so always likes when I wear it.
After reading the book, I started with my own closet. I emptied it completely (and even washed off the shelves). Turning to the clothes, I held each piece in my hands and asked, does it spark joy, before putting it in the “yes” pile or the “no”/charity or the “no”/trash pile. After getting the no-piles out of the way, I folded and hung the rest in my closet.
The process surprised me. It wasn’t a chore of “doesn’t fit’s”, and the finished result was an organized closet, full of clothes I love. I feel more beautiful when I’m getting dressed in the morning and I appreciate and care more for my clothes now.
“Does it spark joy?” is really a pretty appropriate question, not only regarding T-shirts, but this in your life in general. What do you do, that sparks joy?

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