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Closer look

Take a closer look. Behind the dusty facades, magical worlds unfold. Flecks of dust dance in slanted rays. Light illuminates slices of the interior, moving from left to right. This magical world exists undisturbed and in silence. Hold your breath. Be truly present. You will hear the faint whispers from faraway. They bear witness of extraordinary happenings. Pain. Sorrow. Death. Birth. Joy. Love. Go ahead, step inside. Feel the wooden floor creak beneath your soles. Run your fingers over the spines, holding worlds together, until you make your choice. Take a closer look, and delve into a magical world.  

Topsy-turvy Life

Life definitely has its twists and turns or as someone once said, life is one damn thing after the other and my life is pretty topsy-turvy at the moment. By ‘at the moment’ I really mean for quite some time, beginning with the choice to have a child alone and my son is now almost two years old. The funny thing is that one choice leads to other choices and before long I find myself in a completely different world than before. As I write these words, I am in the middle of my three hour commute to work with the sun rising over the fields in lovely pastels and me on the train zooming by. I begun a new job at the art museum Ordrupgaard, which specializes in French impressionism. I am currently living in my childhood home, which embodies comfort and support, but I am looking for a new home closer to work. You would think that a long, long commute would give me oceans of reading time – I thought so, but …

Viking Circular Strongholds

I recently read a wonderful little book about the period in which Denmark was founded (c. 600-1200) and while my review of the book is featured in a seperate blog entry (in Danish), I want to share just a little Danish history with you. Denmark is old kingdom with more history than I can fathom and despite its size, it plays and has historically played a dominate role in European and global politics. Back before Denmark was one united kingdom, the rulers were local chieftains, the belief system was Old Norse, and international commerce consisted of Viking raids and plunder in Great Britian and mainland Europe. During the time, when power was consolidated and Denmark become one or a few kingdoms, approximately five circular strongholds were built. The inner diametres were c. 135 metres and the houses were c. 30 metres long – massive constructions. What I find intriguing about these strongholds is that not much is known about them. Written sources from the period are pretty much non-existent and excavations have so far only …