Sarah Thornhill – Kate Granville

The colonization of Australia has many aspects and has caused casaulties, strife, and devastation that still marks Australia today. In “Sarah Thornhill” some of these aspects come to the fore. Sarah is the daughter of a man, who was “sent off” – a convict who has worked hard and established a small, well-run farm in […]


Antigone – Sophocles

I read the Greek tragedy in high school as part of the curriculum for ancient civilizations and remember feeling enriched by it. I have often thought of rereading the play, and alas 15 years later I finally have. “Antigone” still strikes the right note with me and I assume that I am now able to […]


March – Geraldine Brooks

”March” begins with the premise of what happens to Mr. March, when he leaves his little women and goes off to do his part in the Civil War? Mr. March is of course the absent father in Louisa May Alcott’s “Little Women” but “March” is a very different story than its point of inspiration. “March” […]