Dissolution – C. J. Sansom

Dissolution is one of those immaculate novels where the reader is immersed in history, not that history is a heavy cloak, but where the author brings a period in time to life and the pages are saturated in historical details which makes the time period in question even more vivid. C. J. Sansom works magic […]


The Red Chamber – Pauline A. Chen

The Red Chamber is Pauline A. Chen’s retelling of Dream of the Red Chamber, a Chinese classic of massive length and encompassing some 400 characters. Pauline A. Chen’s The Red Chamber is more mainstream, if that terminology is applicable in connection to a novel set in 18th century, Qing dynasty. The Red Chamber is a […]


Sarah Thornhill – Kate Granville

The colonization of Australia has many aspects and has caused casaulties, strife, and devastation that still marks Australia today. In “Sarah Thornhill” some of these aspects come to the fore. Sarah is the daughter of a man, who was “sent off” – a convict who has worked hard and established a small, well-run farm in […]