Honoré de Balzac

Honoré de Balzac was born in 1799. Balzac came from an up and coming family. His father was a self-made man who married for wealth. Balzac was privileged in many ways, but from what I have read, he did not seem content in his youth. After studying at Sorbonne, he was apprenticed in law, but […]


What French Women Know – Debra Ollivier

What is it about French women that seems so sensual, intelligent, beautiful, sophisticated, and above all French from an Anglo-Saxon (American or British) perspective? That is what American-born, French-wed Debra Ollivier explores in this tongue-in-cheek book with the catch phrase: about love, sex and other matters of the heart and mind. Despite the fact that […]


The Alchemy of Murder – Carol McCleary

1889 – The World exhibition held in Paris with Eiffel’s tower as a beacon. Louis Pasteur has revolutionizes science with his study of “animals so small that they cannot be seen with the human eye”. Thoughts of equality and anarchism in the air, especially in Montmartre, the melting pot of café politics, fanaticism, culture, and […]