The Shining Girls – Lauren Beukes

I half expected “The Shining Girls” to be one of those entertaining, if somewhat shallow, stories with a supernatural twist that resembles a piece of chocolate: wonderful while it lasts, but without staying power. I was in for a pleasant – well actually unpleasant – surprise. “The Shining Girls” is a grim story centered around […]


Reading lists as inspiration

100 Must-read books. 101 classic books.  Word literature reading list. I love them, although they sometimes seem a bit daunting or even intimidating. I mean, who reads “Ulysses” immediately followed my” War & Peace”? And – there are so many books, so little time. I find reading lists inspiring. I especially like motivated reading lists […]


Time for Reading

Vacation is time for reading. It has always been that way, but since my son is born, time for reading is more of luxury and I find myself stealing moments here and there. A paradoxical point is that I in some periods read more now than I did with loads of free time. Now, I […]